First Hermitage

Open Sky sprang from a silent prayer/meditation group in nearby Bend, Oregon.  Currently, we offer a monthly half-day of meditation in Bend.  The desert  hermitage planned thirty miles to the east is intended as a permanent place of stillness—a place where visitors are welcomed to step back from noise and busyness and share in the daily round of prayer, work, silence and solitude.  We hope a sanctuary, a central house with cooking and bathroom facilities, and a few scattered hermitages will be open to people of all faiths, or none, who seek the still small voice.

Check the “Help Make it Happen” page for our spring/summer fundraising drive!

News: Denise’s book, “Walking through Sunflowers: through Deepest France on the Road to Compostela” is now available at lulu.com. See Pilgrimage page.

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